Practise makes perfect, or at least less imperfect!  We hold regular Club Nights 8-10pm most Tuesdays at Portishead.  Entrance prices are kept to a minimum (£4.50 for members and £6.00 for guests), reduced fees are available for Juniors and Students, just to cover the cost of the hall hire and basic expenses. The evening is made up of ballroom and Latin dance music played in rotation (usually 2-3 tracks of one ballroom followed by one Latin dance, progressing through the repertoire of all the ten dances).

Club nights can also be great fun.  They are not teaching classes – we are dancing and practising together, not being taught.  Those who attend try to strike a balance between a serious approach to their dance and a fun attitude to the evening.  We attract people of all ages and backgrounds who share a love of dancing.  Most people come in regular couples to try out their steps and to polish their technique.  Some are involved in competitions but many are not.  Those who come along join a community of enthusiasts keen to see ballroom and Latin flourish around Bristol and the West Country.

The area has many good dance classes where you can learn your craft but there are few venues where you can really find the space to work through your dance and get things right.  This is what we offer at Somerset Hall.  The venue is acknowledged to be one of the finest dance floors in the region and many competitions and balls are regularly held here.  It is close to the motorway connections and has substantial free parking.  Our relationship with the loyal and helpful staff of the Hall has been developed over many years and we remain very committed to our Portishead venue.  We think you will share our view if you join us.

Club nights are also a place where you can find out some of the news and views about local events and competitions.  Veteran dancers are among the leading lights in the Club and are very happy to offer advice and guidance, even if they do not dance competitively any longer.  Enquiries and contacts genuinely welcome and we look forward to meeting new faces at Portishead.

Please note: it is the standard policy at AADC club nights that all dancers shall only practise the dance that is currently being played.  This is for concerns about safety, where differing styles of dance co-existing in the same space may increase the likelihood of collision beyond the normal risk.  Dancers wishing to practice individually may use the floor area in the foyer.

Not sure you will like it?  See our Taster Session Scheme.