For enquiries regarding membership and Club events, please contact:

Club Secretary, Peter Jones BEM

Telephone and Fax: 0117 9710871 / 0117 9771546

Mobile: 07876 752965

He may also be contacted by post at:

Avon Dancers’ Club Secretary,
9 Proctor Close,
Grace Park,



For more information and ticket advice, contact:

Vice-Chairman, Jack Gibson

Telephone: 01454 415338



Receiving Club Correspondence by Email

As this club pre-dates the Internet, it has been our tradition to use the regular post and send all club correspondence to members on paper.  While this will remain the default option for those members that need it, we will soon be enabling members to opt for email correspondence instead.  This means members will receive notifications of events and General Meetings sooner, save paper, and save the Club effort and cost.

Members are currently able to opt into this by filling in a form on paper (available from the committee or at our events, or by download HERE).  Non-members can use the same form to register for receiving club public announcements by email or post.  An equivalent form that can be filled in and submitted electronically will be added to this web site in the near future – watch this space.

Any information supplied to us will be kept secure and confidential, in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.  The email service for club correspondence will not commence until we have set up a proper bulk email handling system (emails will be sent to each addressee individually).

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